Wazzup All

Just wanted to give ya a brief rundown on myself and NinewyreStudios. Been Rockin hard since the early and mid eighties. I am a guitarist primarily, but also a bassist and keyz player. Been involved with several projects over the years both live and studio. I cut my teeth on eighties glam and metal which still heavily influences my guitar style to this day. Currently I write and produce broadcast quality material which i solely own and control 100%. I am ASCAP affiliated (member ID6640206) and have the ability to write and produce tracks across multiple genres on very short notice. In the 2 years it took to build the studio, I spent time and money studying mixing and mastering theory under online courses and books by Bobby Owsinski and trying to learn as much as possible regarding music business and PR applications under Ariel Hyatt (www.cyberpr.com).

NinewyreStudios was a two year project to complete. It is a 20x40 durospan steel structure set on a 25x45 concrete pad. It is assymetrical in shape and design. this studio has a six inch elevated floor decked by one inch hardwood with R13 insulation underneath and throughout the building. It is basically a building within a building as walls and celing trusswork are all R13 insulated as well. Walls are finalized with 1 inch insulfoam 4x8 sheets rather than sheetrock and then one and two inch studio foam panels were strategically placed throughout the building. End result was a completely dry recording signal with zero percent reflectivity of sound in this structure

I play Jackson,ESP and Ibanez guitars and basses exclusively. DAWs in use here are sonar x2 and Acoustica mixcraft 9. I would probably use pro tools except for the fact it has to be re licensed annually. I use several different guitar software programs including Overloud TH3 and THU, IK Multimedia Amplitube 4, and Native Instruments Guitar Rig 5 pro. Hardware for guitars is 11Rack, Boss ME80 and an older Digitech GNX4. I am never out of options for whatever sound I happen to be looking for.

For guitar amplification I am running a peavy 6505 plus head driving two peavy 4x12 cabs. As a backup amp I run an Ibanez TBX150R 2x12 combo amp. Bass Amplification here is a GK 750RB driving a GK 4x10 cab and Peavy 1x15 and horn. Back up bass amplification is a Peavy 1x15 combo amp.

when it comes to keybards- set up to create and endless variety of soundscapes,textures etc. I am running an older Korg control 49 as well as an M Audio 88key midi controller. They drive a large variety  of synth programs like Korg Legacy Cell, Cakewalk DimensionPro, Native Absynth, IK Sonic Synth,SampleTank, and Syntronic as well as some Rob Papen Gear. these are some of my go to synths

At the heart of this studio is three laptops which run my guitar and recording stations that run through an older Yamaha EMX5000 20 channel mixer as well as an older dell windows xp desktop which powers my older synth programs. I work with xp and windows 7 to save myself thousands of dollars trying to by all new windows 10 stuff///besides i hate windows 10 anyway. Mixer is patched to a set Behringer NX4-6000