Wazzup All- Thanks for stopping by and checking out  NinewyreStudios- the home of music by Douglas Peifer. I've been in the game for several decades now as a gigging and recording musician.  playing, recording and producing music is my passion and always has been clear back to the eighties. I am lucky enough to be able to work out of a state of the art production audio facility located here on my property in Northeast Nevada. i am a guitarist, bass and keyz player continuously writing, recording and producing top quality original material across multiple genres. i have always dreamed of making music for worthy causes and built this studio to chase this dream. NinewyreStudios was finally completed in the middle of 2021, after 2 years in the build. I work on solo projects as well as collaboration projects with some of the many talented other musicians in the area here.

i told myself now that construction has reached completion that it is GO TIME!!! I am heading into 2022 with optimism. Tracks are cut, masters finished and new material is on the front burner daily. i am one of the millions of unsigned indie rockers out there working to acheive a goal. I put 120% into the music I create. I am spending the next year creating new material and hopefully developing working relationships with music libraries and music supervisors to immerse myself in the world of sync licensing. I have a proven track record of producing fully mastered broadcast quality original material on short notice and would be able to provide a quality product to the industry pros willing to take a look.  Give it everything i got///listen, learn and adapt- thats the gameplan. I am currently under ASCAP membership (member IPI# 1129870147 and am a 200% one stop source for any of your music needs. I control all rights to all the music I create.

Anyway- just wanted to say thanks again for the interest and please have a quick listen to some of the material and check out the photos of NinewyreStudios- It is BadAss and if you are a musician or engineer I promise you will think so as well

contact info is Douglas Peifer at  or also at

Rock On People and thanks so much!!!!


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